10 Gauge Black Annealed Wire


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Product Specifications

10-GA Black Annealed C-1018 Wire is popularly used in cotton baling industry. 10 gauge black annealed baling wire is made of high magnese content carbon steel wire with high strength and flexiblity.

We supply C-1018 grade annealed bale ties for cotton balers in Canada and many other countries.

Baling Wire Gauge 10 ga.
Finish Oiled, Diameter .135", Length 2053 ft.


10-GA Black Annealed C-1018 Wire
Material: 1018 black annealed wire (Chinese equivalent Q235)
Decimal Size: .1350"
Gauge: 10
Tensile Strength: 60,000 to 75,000 psi
Breaking Range: 860 to 1075 lb
Elongation: 20% min.
Quality: The wire shall be of uniform chemical composition, of adequate soundness and free from surface defects such as laps, seams, fins, roughness, or other characteristics which may impair the use of rt for tying wire. It shall be free of kinks, waviness and splits.
Surface Treatment: Light oil
Packaging: Continuous wound coil uniformly laid on a tubular coil carrier.
Identification: Each carrier shall be identified with the vendor tag. Each tag shall specify the decimal size, grade, purchase order number and net weight.
The top of the uncompressed coil shall be at least 14" below the top of the coil carrier.
The upper end of the wire shall be secured to the arbor of the coil carrier.