ANTIOXIDANT 330 CAS NO.1709-70-2


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Chemical name:1,3,5-Trimethyl-2,4,6-tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl)benzene
CAS No.: 1709-70-2
Molecular formula:C54H78O3
Molecular weight: 775.2
Molecular structure

Specification Appearance:White powder
Assay, %: ≥ 98
Melting point,℃:240-245
Ash, %:≤ 0.1
Volatility, %: ≤ 0.3
Light transmittance, %: 425nm≥ 96
500nm≥ 98

Application ANTIOXIDANT HONOX-330 is a high molecular weight hindered phenolic antioxidant with excellent heat resistance and good compatibility. It is used in polyolefins, PET and PBT thermoplastic such as polyester, polyamide, styrene resin, ABS resin, PVC, adhesive and polyurethane, natural rubber and other elastomer material. It has good electrical insulation characteristics, especially suitable for high-temperature processing of polyolefin pipes, plastic products, wire and cable products. info at hhochem. com