PTFE Mist Eliminators


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Product Specifications

PTFE mist eliminators are durable and corrosion resistant droplet separators made with a specially treated PTFE membrane that uses inertial impaction and interception to capture the particles.

We supply PTFE mist eliminator with specifications to meet particular application requirements.

Customized specifications can be tailored to meet the needs of varied application, based on size, shape, material grade, filter media, and filter efficiency.

Comparing PTFE with other materials:

Metal wire mesh mist eliminators is rigid within a frame and typically coated with a standard epoxy, allowing for various protection levels against corrosion and oxidation. It also provides a greater flow rate compared to other types of mist eliminators, making it ideal for applications where clean air must be generated quickly.

PP (Polypropylene) Mesh mist eliminators are primarily used in applications where fine filtration and particulate removal is absolutely vital, such as medical and pharmaceutical settings. The robust nature of the material makes them suitable for high temperature and pressure settings without fail. The main benefit of this type of mist eliminator is that it has excellent filtration ability and a longer life cycle than other types of mist eliminators due to its durable construction.