Large Cold Storage Warehouse for Agriculture Products


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

This cold storage is used for storage agriculture products, such as Chinese dates, walnut, pine nut, dried lily bud, dried grape (raisins), mung beans, rice beans, etc. which is of 4000㎡area and 10m height, mainly includes one sets of KCE-340 condensing unit with flooded type evaporator, one set of FN2500 air curtain machine, one set of SWL-1165 evaporative condenser, etc.

Temperature table for reference

Processing room:10℃
Fruit, vegetable, dry food:0C~-5℃
Medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material:0C~-5℃
Ice storage room:-5~-10℃
Fish, meat storage:-18~-25℃
Deep freezer:-25℃~-35℃