Plastic Rabbit Netting


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Product Specifications

Plastic netting with the features of good ventilation, good corrosion and easy cleaning, is popularly used as rabbit netting in feeding of rabbits and other small animals.

We supply two types of rabbit netting:

Plastic netting, mainly hexagonal opening;
Plastic wire mesh, hexagonal opening

Choose Plastic Mesh materials for Rabbit Netting and Poultry Fencing:

Rabbit netting made of plastic extruded mesh:

Rolls of plastic mesh model: 2m x 30m, edges finish
1400mm wide mesh rolls x 100m length
Thickens: 1.5mm

Plastic Expanded Mesh Sheet for Rabbit Fencing

Plastic expanded mesh
Materials: 1.8 inch Expanded Sheet
Sheet size: 525mm x 1125 mm
Sheet thickness: 1mm

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