Mobile security barrier


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Product Specifications

Mobile Security Barriers are the specially designed facilities combining vehicles and razor wire coils, used by army and police to secure, protect a place or location who try to enter / penetrate the defense, with the effect of frightening, stopping and reducing physical contacts. The rapid deploying of this mobile security barrier takes ± 5 minutes while the packaging may take ± 10 - 20 minutes.

Mobile Security Barrier complete unit includes a towing vehicle and a trailer unit (Caravan) which contains 4 coils of concertina wire module at length of 150m as standard setting, including 3 coils concertina razor wire with a length of wire barrier @ 40 meters and 1 module of razor barbed wire barrier at a length 30 meters.

The detail Technical Specification of Mobile Security Barrier is as below.

Tech spec description
Ripper Blade Razor Barbed Wire Coils Units

3 SD Barbed Tape Wire - BARRIER

a. Form of razor barbed wire, spiral-shaped and arranged into three sections (1 top, 2 bottom) contained in special packaging such as caravans making it easy to move, quick installation and packaging.

b. Dimension / size of standard razor barbed wire barricades for Police:
1) Diameter of coil: 900 mm
2) the coil diameter: 700 mm
3) The length of the barricade minimum: 120 meters (3 x @ 40 m)
4) The width of the barricade: 1.4 to 1.5 m
5) High barricades: 1.5 to 1.7 m
6) barbed wire Diameter: 2.4 to 2.6 mm
7) The distance between spines: 12 - 50 mm
8) The width of spines: 12 - 15 mm
9) High spines: 6 - 7.5 mm
10) Type / Thickness of thorns: Ripper Coil / 0.45 to 0.5 mm
11) The number of spirals: 55 of each coil (each 10 meters)
12) Number of clips: 5 each spiral
13) Equipped with sling stopper wire diameter of 5 mm

c. Razor wire materials:
1) Material of wire core (core) is a stainless steel wire (High tensile) with a minimum tensile strength of 170.1 kgf / mm ² cross-sectional area 4.91 mm ², wire cross-sectional diameter of 2500 mm with a load of 835 kgf min.
2) Material of razor or barbed is a thin steel plate (0.45 to 0.50) mm shaped like a razor and a wire attached to the core that the barbed wire into a single unit. Both materials are galvanized steel with coated layer of zinc with a heavy coating 135-145 g /m².
3) The number of torsion on the torsional test results with the diameter of 2.50 mm and length of 250 mm is 25 torsion.

Caravan carrier (Carrier Units Trailer)
a.Dimensions : P.4750 x L.2180 x T.2425 mm
b.Side Frame : UNP 100
d.LongChassis : UNP 120
e. Walls : Galvanil Plate Thickness 1.2 mm
f. Side window : 0.9 mm Thick Plate Galvanil / puncture resistant tarpaulin fabric (torn resistant)
g.Frame body : Pipe box 20 x 40 mm
h. Floor: Plate 2.6 mm thick black
i. Frame windows: Pipe box 20 x 40 mm
j. Conductor Pipe: Pipe Elbow 90 º 2 "
k. Poles: UNP 100
l. Axle: Single Axle (R 14)
m. Toolbox: black plate 2.0 mm thick
n. Power fit: a module (120 meters)
o. Total weight with load: 1500 Kg ±
p. Tub Dimensions: P. 37 500 x L. 2180 x T. 1850 mm
q. Number of wheel center: 4 pieces size 175-R13, Mil steel
r. Front wheel: 1 piece with Mil steel, Solid Rubber Tyress size 200 x 50 min being able to withstand the load of 2 tons
s. Turning radius and towing place: ± 3.6 m
t. Front wheel turning radius: 90 º and 90 º left to right
u. Operating system:
- Drawn with a car towing, the towing system bales 1 ½ "
- Withdrawal Bariernya assisted by Winch strength min 1.5 tons of stainless materials and
assisted 2 pieces of the roller on the right and left outer wire work simulator.
v. Position the end of the hook (Adjustable towing) can be adjusted with height adjustable towing vehicle.
w. Caravan braking system uses brake shoe wear closed cable connected to the towing vehicle brakes
x. Suspension: Leaf Spring Suspension System Double Axle is able to withstand loads of at least 4 tons.
y. Iron plate mounted hooks as the retaining wire when wound on the right side and left side of each 4 pcs, caravan chassis able to withstand loads of at least 4 tons.

a. Gloves (resistant puncture / tear) along the arm
b. Iron rod hook 2 Set (4 pieces) sizes Ø 12 mm, 5-meter equipped with hand grip
c. Steel rope (Sling) backup-shaped plate, barrier hooks, stripping machine, replacement bolt clip applicator + cuter.
d. Spare tire & strap, 2 Ton hydraulic jack and a set of Tool Kit (Car towing and wire barrier and caravan).
e. taillight
f. Rechargeable spotlights (caravan)
g. Front wheel and spare wire rope, barriers hooks, stripping machine stripping +, + clip applicator replacement bolt cutters.
h. Place equipment under the front body section to put all the equipment to the size 200x300x1900 mm
i. Place the spare tire on the front of the caravan.
j. Signs: The sign of cross on the back of body, size L 350 mm, red or yellow, reflective.
k. Stone Grey Paint Colors
l. Jack Stand Flexible (can go up and down) on the Caravan R / L 4 pieces (front and rear each 2 pcs at the time of storage so that the tires are not burdened, not easily damaged when parked) .
m. Steel chains for safety on towing vehicles and Caravan.