ZAZP Electric Single Seat Control Valve, WCB, WCC, WC6


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Product Specifications

The ZAZP Electric single seat control valve is made of DKZ type’s mechanical electric actuator or 3410 type straight travel actuator and the single seat valve body. It adjust the flow by receiving the signal from the adjust instrument, which adjusts the value of the medium (temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level) at the specific value, it is widely used in many fields which have the automatic controlling requirement, such as electrical power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, medical, paper making industry and so on. The ZAZP series valves apply with the electric actuator, and realized the remote controlling by servo amplifier. Comparing with the pneumatic drives valve, the electric drives valves have more advantages than the former, such as big allowable differential pressure, quick action, convenient power supply, quick signal transmitting, and long transmitting distance and so on. While electric drives valves are usually heavier than the pneumatic kind, and have to take more space for installation.