28mmPCO1810 pet Preforms


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Product Specifications

28mm PCO1810 pet preform is a type commonly used in the world, and this type of bottle mouth is widely used in mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles. Our current weight ranges from 11g-56g, which can meet the requirements of 250ml-2.5L and other bottle types and capacities. In terms of production technology, we adopt new raw materials, through the centralized drying and feeding mode. Reduce the dust and magazines produced in the heating process, the production process is highly mechanized, so that the production of the bottle embryo transparency is high, less black spots, the quality of the bottle embryo testing in strict accordance with the national standards, is the customer to buy the rest assured, with peace of mind.For more products, please see: https://www.pet-preform.com/product/pet-preform/

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