Plastic Mesh for Soil Stabilization


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Plastic mesh for ground stabilization and reinforcement is designed to help prevent impassable deep mudded areas made by vehicles on soil/grass tracks and farm gateways. Stabilization mesh can be used in the construction of small roads to prevent surface deformation caused by penetration of the granular sub-base into the soft sub-grade. It is ideal to stabilize slopes and turf.

Extruded plastic mesh can also be used to stabilize the soil under the protective soft matting on childrens play areas and playgrounds. Small aperture ground stabilization mesh is also ideal as a golf driving range anti plugging mesh.

Choose Extruded Plastic Mesh for Ground Reinforcing According to Technical Requirements and Applications:

Extruded PVC Mesh with Square Holes

Flat PVC mesh manufactured from Polypropylene, specially used for ground reinforcing. Plastic mesh for ground or flooring reinforcement produced through the process of extruding, punching, heating, transverse stretching and longitudinal stretching.

Turf Ground Protection PVC Mesh

Plastic Grid Mats for Grass Ground with High tensile strength at both longitudinal and transverse direction.


Ground foundation reinforcing for parking sites
Slope protecting projects
Landfill sites
Grass Protection Mesh

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