Snow Fence


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Product Specifications

Plastic Snow Fence, or Snow Protection Netting, is made of heavy duty extruded polyethylene mesh, mainly used in Canada, American and other cold areas against storm and snow disasters. Plastic snow fencing net as lightweight and anti aging material has been used in North America for more than 30 years in road and highway, pastures and fields to withstand the elements.

Advantages of Using Our Plastic Snow Fence:

Our snow mesh fence is made of polypropylene composite material with high and low temperature impact resistance and high toughness, rendering a long time uses;
Using of plastic snow fence in replacement of concrete and brick structure can effectively save resources;
The environmental friendly virgin PP materials protects the ecological environment;
Rich and colorful road ecological landscape is formed by using colored plastic mesh fences;
The snow fencing net has remarkable snow prevention effect as well as wind breaking effect.

Performance of snow net:

The snow proof plastic net has the properties of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance and impact resistance.
The porosity of snow net shall be between 30% ~ 60%.

Snow Fence System Structure:

Bolt, anchor rope, column and fixed pressing plate are used to vertically install the snow prevention fencing net in the road section, forming a fence type flexible protection system for intercepting and blowing of snow.

Choose Snow Fence from Popular Types We Offer According to Technical Requirements and Uses:

Fence Height: 100cm, to be installed on 130cm supports
Fence Height:150cm, to be installed on 180cm supports
Supports also supplied with addition costs
Color: Orange, Green, other
Mesh:Square, rectangular, others

Major Types:
Green Color Extruded PVC Snow Fencing Mesh: 300g

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