Carton Liner Bag in Box Line for Packaging Nuts and Granules


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Shenzhen, China
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80 Sets / Year
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Product Specifications

Lined Carton Forming Filling and Sealing Line | Bag in Box Line for Packaging Nuts or Granules

This bag in box line is designed for packaging nuts or granules in bulk. The packaging line erects cartons and seals bottoms, inserts and lines bags in cartons by one each from a roll stock film to form bag-in-box packaging (lined cartons), weigh fills with nuts or granules, vacuumizes and heat-seals the bag tops, seals the box top.

The bag in box line includes a carton erector, a poly bag inserter (carton lining machine), a weigh filling machine, a bag sealer, a carton sealer and conveyors. The cartons can be sealed with tape or hot melt glue.

This poly bag inserter feeds film from a roll stock, cuts and seals to form a bag, inserts the bag in an erected carton, opens and cuffs the bag over the carton top flaps, blows air to extend the bag to fit the internal wall of carton better. The bag inserting machine reduces labor and material costs, is simple to operate and easy to adjust. High efficiency and labor saving.

The bag sealer uncuffs the bag off the carton top flaps, then folds it inwards from sides, vacuumizes the bag (optional), heat-seals the bag top and then flattens it in the carton.

Applicable cartons: L250-550*W200-400*H150-400mm
Applicable bags (width): 460-840mm
Capacity: max. 180 boxes/hour

We also have a bag in box line for packaging liquids.