Infusa bottle


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Product Specifications

Brand: FeiFan
Material: Main body PETG/Accessory PP
Specification: 30ml 50ml 100ml 120ml 150ml 180ml
Color: Customizable
Process: Can be processed according to customer requirements.
Application range: Used to pack toner, lotion, etc.
Infusa bottle
Spray type:Nano-level spray pump core can be divided into toner, toner, and other non-sticky liquids with a clear water texture
Large atomization area, fine spray.Lotion models:
The lotion bottle is suitable for filling thin, fluid, and non-sticky liquids
Squeeze effortlessly and squeeze comfortably.
Using a high-quality pressing pump head, the spring is fatigue-tested, with no rust and no oxidation
High transparent bottle cover, exquisite and beautiful, good quality feel
Screw-type bottle mouth, good airtightness to prevent liquid leakage.