Plastic Mesh Belt


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Production Capacity
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Product Specifications

We supply wear-resistant plastic mesh dehydration belt for conveying mesh filter belt. We also supply stainless steel wire belt, chain link belt and various metal and non metal conveyor belts.

Choose Conveyor Belts According to Technical Requirements and Applications:

Material:Stainless Steel Wire (SUS304, 304L, 316) , Galvanized Steel, PVC (HDPE, PP or PE ) and other materials.
Type:Chain Link Mesh, Knitted Mesh, Weave Mesh
Application: Conveyor, filter, drainer

Draining Belt Screen for Paper Making

Main applications:
Textile industry, nonwoven fabric industry, paper and pulp industry, rubber processing industry, conveying belt, etc.

Technical features:

Flexible fit to all kinds of equipment.
easy handling according to light weight.
simple mounting with good adaptation to machinery.
stable running. Excellent air permeability and suitable for hot air drying equipment.
No injury to products thanks to the smooth surface of main body and joints.
Exellent resistance to repetitive deformation.
Exellent chemical stability protected against corrosion.

Metal conveyor belts we supply:

Stainless Steel Flat Wire Conveyor Mesh Belt with Flat Conveying Surface and Maximum Open for Air Flow and Water Drainage

Flat wire conveyor belt is also called honeycomb conveyor belt. The flat plates are arranged in the form of latice and joined with the straight rods. Customers could require the chain or side plate or chain & side plate attached to flat wire conveyor belt's two sides. The side plate will avoid goods falling down, chain will drive the belt.

SUS304 Flat Wire Biscuit Belt

Flat conveying surface; easy to clean and extremely sanitary; good abrasion resistance, good resistance to corrosion and high temperture resistance.

Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, galvanzied steel or called steel with zinc coated


Width 15-5500mm, speed 0.15-0.5m/min, temperature :-40C-1050C.

Metal Steel Spiral Belt for Instant Freezer for Food and Sea Food Freezing Industry

The conveyor belt has compact structure. Spiral belt is made of "U" chain, spiral wire, and rod. Spiral wire is crossed by rods and then linked by "U" chains. The belt has very good turning capabilities and can go 180 degree curves. With the smooth belt surface, good air ciculation and easy-cleanable capabilities, the belt can bear high pressure and stress. Also, the belt is easy to maintain and dismantle, side guard available.

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