Copper Metal Cladding


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Product Specifications

Being suppliers for our constant partners, we are well-known among architecture firms and building contracters. We supply various metal wall screen panel perforated sheets and expanded sheets. Other types like coiled mesh fabric, woven crimped mesh are also available upon request.

Perforated metal wall cladding panel becomes well sold due to the reason of uniform holes, multi-designs, good strength and protection, easily processing and economic cost. Using of perforated metal cladding adds additional metal protective layer to the wall and the building in addition to the ornamental effect.

Materials for Metal Cladding Panels: Stainless steel, brass plate, copper, aluminum, nickel and nonmetal plate.

Hole shape: Round, square, hexagonal, triangle hole, scale, diamond, etc
Surface treatment: Powder coated, galvanized, oxidation, PVDF
Plate Thickness: 0.3-2mm
Aperture: 3mm-200mm
Panel Size: 1.2*2.4m, 1.22*2.44m, 1.5*3m etc.
Color: Copper, brass, antique bronze, gold, silver, red, black, gray, orange, green, white, etc
Feature: Wear-resisting, smooth, beautiful, durable
Usage: Facade and wall decoration, sound insulation, sunshade, protective cover