Long Fiber Paper Wipes - 026


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

100% Long fiber wood pulp manufacturing, Surface meticulous, anti-solvent, toughness, no paper powder
High pull / high water absorption / high oil absorption
One-time use of environmentally friendly materials without pollution,
Solvent resistance .. Make the oil quickly dry, soft, more convenient to use.
Can be used in alcohol / toluene /paint /printing

Apply To:
All solvents( paint, oil, water category, chemicals,)
automobile engine.
Mechanical maintenance .
High-tech precision instruments .
Catering industry .
Fast food chain .
Stencil printing industry .
All kinds of mechanical processing.

Product Description:
Item: 026 thin long fiber Wipes
Material: 100% pure wood pulp making.
Basis weight: 26g / m2
Size: Width 25.5cm (± 1cm) × length 1000M
Color: white

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