Counter-weight Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valve, PN10, PN16


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Product Specifications

ounter-weight Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valve


Counter-weight Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valve are designed for installation at outlet of a pump in pipelines with water medium and served as both globe valves and check valves.The closing time and speed can be regulated so as to eliminate or reduce water hammer and prevent working medium from reversal flow.

Features And Benefits

1.HD(H)743X,HD(H)7S43X,HD(H)7BT43X-type hydraulic control check butterfly valves opened by hydraulic-driven and closed by counter-weight’s potential energy provides excellent and reliabl operation.

2.The valves is installed behind the pumps and served as both gate valve/butterfly valve and check valve with only 30% flow resistance coefficient of above two kinds of valves.It provides significant energy saving.