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Product Specifications

Temporary mobile site fence is a kind of protection screen setting up to keep the construction site from the external environment and make the construction site a relatively closed space, to keep people from entering and get injured.

Mobile fencing for construction sites is commonly made of framed metal fencing with square hole or rectangular hole. The height of the construction fencing enclosure varies from 2 meters generally, to 4 meters, 6 meters, and 8 meters or 12 meters.

We offer modular and special specifications for temporary mobile site fencing.

Quick installation, standardized assembly of modular panels
Posts, mesh panels, bracing parts and other components are in accordance with design and production standards, dimensions and processes to achieve standardized production and standardized installation, so as to achieve high-efficiency production, rapid transportation and installation, which will greatly reduce the purchase cost.

Mesh Panel Mobile Fencing for Site Protection

Temporary mesh panel fencing (height +/- 2.00m)

Temporary semi hoarding combi panel fencing (height +/- 2.00m)

Temporary hoarding panel fencing (height +/- 2.00m)

Temporary mesh panel fencing with integrated gate (height +/- 2.00m)

Concrete foot or PVC/Plastic foot or


Panel / gate wheel or

Gate hinge set

Protection screen mesh (height +/- 2.00m)


Site protection screen with sewn edges and grommets

The height of the construction site fencing is different, and the production and installation methods are also different.

Mobile fencing at height of less than 4 meters, the single-column type is generally used, the diameter of the column post 140mm or 189mm, etc. If the height of the fence enclosure is more than 4 meters, the double-column type is generally adopted, and the diameter of the posts varies from 114mm to 219mm.

Using of steel mesh temporary mobile site fencing for the construction enclosure can greatly reduce the fencing cost, as the fencing is portable, easy to be installed and taken away for reusing once the project is completed.