Carbide Punches for Stamping


MOQ: 1 Pieces
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Dongguan, Shenzhen
Production Capacity
1000 Pieces / Day
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union

Product Specifications

MaterialsTungsten Carbide
ShapesAccording to Custom Drawings
Precision Tungsten Carbide Punches for Stamping Press Tool Dies

Precision Cemented Carbide micro metal stamping die components are using hard alloy cemented carbide material with HRC 87~95.

They are also called tungsten carbide cutting punches or punching tools in the cold metal stamping dies. or called blanking punches, forming punches.

Precision Micro Carbide Die Components are used in Electronics Mobile Phones, Computers, or PCB Connector Terminal Industries. So they also can be called connector punches.

These Precision Die Punch Components have cylindrical shapes or rectangular shapes. Circular Cylindrical punches are the most usual, most of them are the standard parts. And Rectangular punch parts are rare, and usually are custom-made special parts according to drawings’ specific requirements.

These Precision Micro die Punch Components are machined by (PG) Optical Profile Curve Grinding + Precision Surface Grinding Technology.