1inch High End Stainless Steel QD Rifle Swivels in Black Finish


MOQ: 100 Pieces Unit Price: $1.45
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Production Capacity
20000 Pieces / Month
Payment Terms

Product Specifications

1inch HIGH END NEW QD SWIVEL for Leather Gun Slings

-   1inch loop (1.25in, 1.5inch loop available);
-   Stainless steel made, keep rusty away;
-   Stainless steel in black finish, very smooth and nice surface;
-   Trapezoid shape locker, round smooth edges design, best touch and       
    operation feelings for fingers
-   Clamshell and header card packaging for retailer, plastic bag with seal and
    item label packaging for wholesaler; or bulk ship for sling makers. 

-   Laser logo on swivel service available.