RFI Shielding Wire Mesh


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RFI (radio frequency interference) shielding wire mesh is usually adopted by electronic equipment manufacturers in electro magnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) to protect sensitive digital circuits from external radiation, while limit the potentially harmful radiation emitted by their products.

RFI (radio frequency interference) shielding is a method of protecting electronic devices and technological systems from damaging electromagnetic interference (EMI). One of the most effective materials for defending against these electromagnetic waves is metal mesh — particularly copper woven wire cloth.

Typically, EMI is generated from large electronic equipment to smaller devices. However, small electronics can also transmit waves that negatively affect other systems.

As a result, electronics tend to malfunction due to:
The suppression of radio signals within a device;
Internally generated emissions, which interfere with functionality;
Ambient interference from the outside, which impacts operation efficiency.