HanTay Mobile Fence Manufacture Co.


Buyer From China


HanTay is China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of temporary mobile fencing systems. We supply various metal mesh fences to Australia, Asia, South Africa, the UK and the United States. Our product range includes mobile barrier fence, galvanized or plastic coated, temporary fence, construction site temp fence, chain link fence, steel fence, high security razor wire mobile fencing for commercial, fencing barrier with vehicle tow for military and police uses, woven wire galvanized mobile fence, welded wire fence and many other security fencing products. Wire Mesh Mobile Fence is used where building a permanent fence is either impractical or unneeded. We offer mobile fencing system with frames and with standard and custom opening. Fence panels options: Welded wire mesh, woven wire mesh, chain link mesh, expanded metal, steel picket, steel palisade, etc. Fitted with steel fence posts and barbed wire / razor wire to make a security barrier system. Posts Options: Y post, T post, studded T Posts and more. High Security Fencing Options: Welded mesh + barbed wire; 3D curved 358 mesh + razor wire; chain link mesh + barbed wire; chain link mesh + concertina razor coils. And more.