HengMi Expanded Metal Mesh Co.


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CNshandong18 Xinyue Street, Dezhou, China

Professional producer-expanded metal mesh screen, expanded metal fencing, metal grids, metal flooring, walkway tread plate and gutter screen, etc. HengMi Expanded Metal Mesh Co. is an exporter and wholesale distributor of a complete of expanded metal mesh,fence and grating in China and Vietnam. We begun in business 22 years in the wholesale distribution of metal mesh – expanded mesh, walkway Grating, decorative raised diamond mesh panels etc. HengMi then began to export a full range of all expanded mesh accessories and tools and have become the wholesaler here with the largest range of products and have developed respect with our customers and suppliers alike due to our respected business ethics and distribution methods. We are manufacturer and exporter of expanded metal mesh of light type diamond holes, heavy type hexagonal holes and decorative hole patterns. Materials we use cover carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloy metals including titanium and nickel. HengMi expanded mesh can be used in a broad range, it can be made into expanded mesh screen, expanded metal fencing products, metal grids, metal flooring, walkway tread plate and gutter screen, etc. for the metal mesh we have predominantly been getting these produced for us in china ( with the exception of the mesh angles and ceiling clips etc. )