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Zhiyi Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Has been dealing in the antixidants, UV-absorbers since May, 2001 and set up its own antioxidants manufacturing base in Nanxiong, Guangdong in May,2006. At present, the products are sold to the fields of high polymers, resins and rubbers as well as other fields in need of there special product performances. Zhiyi has been playing the leading role in the technology of the antioxidants and light stabilizers of high performance. Nowadays, we will keep the leading position by supplying all-around solutions so as to meet the technical demands of the increasing and changing polymer additive market in the world. The antioxidants that are made by Zhiyi Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Can be widely used in every industry such as the production and synthesis of the polymers. All of the products of Zhiyi have their own special characteristics in every applying field. Zhiyi persists to unchangeable criterion of product quality, which assures the products to have better stability during the usage and make them have excellent quality. Guangzhou Zhiyi Chemical Co.,Ltd. Has been dedicated to the research and development of the special phosphite antioxidants. In recent years, with the more stringent green environmental protection requirements by the global consumers, a new generation of “phenol-free phosphite ” of Zhiyi not only has a better antioxidative properties, but also remedies an environmental defect of the traditional phosphite antioxidants that the residual free phenol exists. Our technical team tackles key problems, upgrading the additives. We promise to develop the products with higher performance, more environmental protection and better market benefits for our customer, becoming the global pioneer and leader in the field of “phenol-free phosphite antioxidants”.